Gardening company in Mallorca

At Agrollamp we are a company dedicated to gardening and specialists in felling, pruning, and cleaning palm trees and all types of trees: pines, palms, eucalyptus, holm oaks …, cleaning and clearing farms and properties, garden maintenance, shredding of vegetal remains and felling of tall trees.

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Gardening in Mallorca

We work throughout the Mallorca area with individuals and companies that need a professional and close service.

Our Services

Poda y tala de palmeras

Palm Tree Felling and Pruning

Palm tree pruning services in Mallorca, we have a team of great professionals to leave excellent results.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

Farm Cleaning and Clearing

We have the most modern machinery on the market capable of cleaning any terrain of logs, weeds and stones.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

Garden Maintenance

We keep you garden clean and beauty.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

Grinding of Vegetable Remains

With our GreenMech machinery we can crush large amounts of plant debris in a few minutes.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

High tree felling

Our team of tall felling specialists can prune, cut, clean and care for any type of tree in Mallorca.

Specialists in what we do: pruning, felling and cleaning of trees and palms.

With all kinds of specialists and machinery we can carry out work such as pruning or cleaning of heights, cleaning of overgrown paths, crushing large amounts of plant debris, cleaning farms or large fields. All with a high level of professionalism.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

Professional team

We have a professional and qualified team with the latest licenses and courses available to execute jobs.

Modern machinery

We have the latest market news in terms of tools and machinery, which allows us to carry out professional work at high speed.

Mallorca company

We are a Mallorcan company, by contacting us you will be able to speak with people who will listen to you and guide you in what is best for your land / farm or your trees.

How can you contact us?

+34 616 34 38 69

Gardening specialized

company in in Mallorca

Agrollamp is a company dedicated to gardening in general in Mallorca, we have extensive experience in the sector and we offer a wide variety of services backed by all our years of experience.

+34 616 34 38 69