Grinding of plant remains in Mallorca

At Agrollamp we are specialists in crushing plant debris. Not sure how to get rid of all the debris or weeds? Contact us and we will help you clean it.

Poda y tala de palmeras

Professional service

With more than 20 years of experience, we can offer a 100% professional service.


We can offer a continuous service to achieve the best results.

Modern tools

We always keep our team up to date with the latest tools to help get professional jobs done.

Specialists in crushing plant remains

We are Agrollamp: Gardering specialized company in gardening with more than 20 years of experience

At Agrollamp we have a team of specialists with more than 20 years in the gardening sector, we turn what a hobby and passion into a way of making a living thanks to the dedication and great work done.

We are specialists in felling and pruning of palm trees and all types of trees, maintenance, cleaning and clearing of roads, land and farms, garden maintenance, crushing of plant debris and felling of tall trees.

Other services

Farm Cleaning and Clearing

Any farm or land will be like new after our passage.

Garden Maintenance

We make sure you feel like going out for a walk in your garden.

Poda y tala de palmeras

Palm tree pruning and felling

We clean your palm trees so that they are visually spectacular.

Poda y tala de árboles de altura

High tree felling

We love to climb to the heights and leave taller trees as beautiful as they can be.

How can you contact us?

+34 616 34 38 69

Gardening specialized

company in in Mallorca

Agrollamp is a company dedicated to gardening in general in Mallorca, we have extensive experience in the sector and we offer a wide variety of services backed by all our years of experience.

+34 616 34 38 69